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I am single. All around me, I see couples, hand in hand, some with an extra ounce of PDA (Public Display of Affection) and here I am with a bunch of friends or with Mummy and Daddy.

I sometimes wonder- where is he? The special one who would make my heart flutter and make me blush. The more I think about it, the more far I am from finding a boyfriend. Its like the thing you desire the most is the one you never get.

I am happy with my life, happy with the course its taking. I have lots of things I love which fill up my day. I am blessed to have Mummy and Daddy who are more of friends than parents. But I still felt this gnawing gap.

I could feel the pressure like many others my age who were single. In fact some of us were thought to be gay or lesbian jutst because we hadn’t hooked up. The pressure on boys was immense- “you couldn’t manage to impress a single girl, shame on you”, they were taunted.

Thats when I made one of the biggest mistakes.

Rohit proposed me and I said yes, though I knew very well we were poles apart and there was certainly no love here. My first thought was “well someone likes me and I wanted to be liked. It was nice holding hands, posting pics. I could now walk into a Starbucks with my boyfriend. I held my chin up and put on my dazzling smile.

This wasn’t going to last for long I always knew that. Surprisingly the heartbreak wasn’t that bad. The best thing was I dumped him.

This sordid affair taught me 2 important lessons-

Don’t ever succumb to pressure and ruin your life. What you think and feel matters, damn the world.

Some find love early, some find it late, some find the perfect one at one go, some don’t find it despite multiple relationships- its a mystery. Let it unravel at its own pace. Meantime, pick up your martini and celebrate your single status.

Image courtesy- kebuena.com.

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My theme for the challenge is

“A slice of life through Myra’s eyes” – a fictional tale of growing up and learning some vital lessons about self love, feminism, sisterhood, a working woman and the essence of being a woman in urban India.  

58 thoughts on “Just love #AtoZChallenge #BlogchatterA2Z

  1. You’re right, Akshata, that the thing you desire the most is the one you never get. You only get what you badly wanted after you abandon the very desire of it. So, make a wish & let it go.

    And, yes, most of the college love-affairs are not about love but peer pressure. If you want to be happy then you should never succumb to pressure against your true feelings.

    Also, I believe that one should stick to love not lovers. Lover is not a synonym of love. Lover is the outer envelope. Love is the real message.

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    1. So true Ravish, I was wondering where have you vanished. Was missing the tie bits of wisdom! Stick to love not lovers- agree with that. It’s difficult though on a world that’s always talking about picture perfect relationships


  2. “Some find love early, some find it late, some find the perfect one at one go, some don’t find it despite multiple relationships- its a mystery.” This is so true Aks. I am happy that Myra dumped Rohit.

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  3. Pick up the martini and celebrate should be the anthem for one and all. But its difficult to understand and thus follow at the young age.
    Myra is growing strong each day with each passing experience. Way to go and grow girl!

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  4. One can never ever generalise anything about relationships.
    Relationships are so personal to two people, and with multiple factors playing their own parts, somethings click for some, while for others they don’t.
    It doesn’t matter if one is single or married.
    One can’t force a relationship to happen. It has to just happen on its own.
    So, I liked your sentence at the end, “Let it unravel at its own pace.”

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  5. This is such a relatable write! The adolescent and twenties pressure on boys and girls can be tremendous and lots of ppl often make wrong choice just coz of it!

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  6. For a thoughtful and wise Myra, I didn’t see her falling for a guy she knew wasn’t right for her. But she learnt and she usually does 🙂 Let’s see what’s in the store ahead for her.

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