#BlogchatterA2Z Theme Reveal 2018- Take a sneak peak

My first tryst with A to Z, and boy I am excited about it! My previous experiences with Blogchatter campaigns have been wonderful- professionally managed, a great network and tips from seasoned bloggers- they have it all.

My theme shouldn’t come as a surprise for those who read me regularly and have a good sense of where my writing flair lies.

One of the topics closest to my heart and something I am extremely passionate about is “women equality and empowerment”. Sexism adversely affects everyone, irrespective of gender. All the more reason we need to talk about the elephant in the room “Feminism” the often misconstrued and misinterpreted word.

Fiction is my forte, something I can proudly trumpet about- and I couldn’t think of anything better than combine the 2.

So here goes my theme – 26 posts daily starting from 2nd April-

“A slice of life through Myra’s eyes” – a fictional tale of growing up and learning some vital lessons about self love, feminism, sisterhood, a working woman and the essence of being a woman in urban India.   

It starts from her birth, her growing years as we see her enter school, face flak for being the nerdy girl, be taunted for her skin color, then comes adolescence and raging hormones followed by growing up and taking charge of her life. Marriage, motherhood- these life changing events and finally as she grows old and looks back at the bitter sweet memories. All through these years, one thing that irks her is the sexism and judgement prevalent all around- the ones directed at the girl who speaks her mind and the same fingers pointed at the mother who dreams of making it big at the workplace (for hey shouldn’t she put her child first as thats what a mother’s primary goal should be?). The story is set in urban India and most of her experiences is something anyone who has lived here should be able to relate to.

Each chapter explores a different facet of her life as she grows up, her friends, family and experiences which shape up her personality. As I said earlier, feminism is all about equality and patriarchy hurts not just women but men as well. Some of the chapters talk about the men in her life and smash the false notion that “feminism is harmful for men”.

I do hope I can take my readers on a wonderful journey as they see Myra bloom from a tiny seed to a flower and wilt away as the curtains close.

Stay tuned for more- the magic enfolds on 2nd April.

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61 thoughts on “#BlogchatterA2Z Theme Reveal 2018- Take a sneak peak

  1. Akshata I can’t wait till April 2 to read Myra’s story. You are an ace at this!! It’s certainly going to be a intriguing tale.
    Also I am sure this is going to one excellent e book when it gets published. Way to go girl!!


      1. Oh yes, it’s there inside you very well drafted . Your theme reveal post says it all. After reading your posts and knowing you , I am sure you have it all planned well even if it isn’t penned yet.


  2. This is going to be something exciting indeed. Your fiction writing is incomparable and to join that with a social issue like sexism is a really responsible and kind effort. Look forwarding to going through it all 🙂

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  3. There is a little bit of Myra in every woman, I suppose. Being a regular reader and fan of your blog, I am so sure that Myra will stand out tall in every reader’s heart. Look forward to discovering Myra in me all through this April Akshata. Wishing you all the very best for the challenge…. you are gonna rock!

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    1. Thx a lot Anagha for the morale booster. Loved the Myra in me concept you highlighted. I am going to borrow those words and use them 😊. Let’s rock AToZ together


    1. Thanks Varsh- I wanted to explore her life right from her mother’s womb and how she battles through conflicting emotions as she grows up. Do share your theme reveal post as well


  4. What a fabulous idea for a theme and I know you’ll do a great job with it. looking forward to this Akshata and you can publish it as a novel later too.

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  5. Awesome! I hope to stay connected through the challenge to follow your story. Being an avid reader of your posts I am sure your story will resonate with most of us too. P.S.:the challenge begins on April 1st even though it is a Sunday.Hope you don’t miss it.

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    1. Thanks so much Sudha I got to know a while ago that it starts on 1st April. Thx for pointing that out. Are you joining too? Eager to read what you are writing about


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