Be the rainbow in someone’s life #FFFAW

Little Janah had a forlorn look on her face today. What a contrast to the radiant smile that she wore yesterday. It has been a memorable day. She had seen a rainbow on her way to school- a full rainbow as it shone- all the 7 colours vividly shining , brightening up the sky and making her day colourful. It was the first time she has sighted a rainbow in its full glory and she was besotted.

She was so eager to go to school today- just to catch a glimpse of the rainbow but alas- the sky was bereft of it. With a downcast face, she walked to school.

She complained to her beloved grandpa “Grampy I miss the rainbow, why dint it come to make my day brighter and colourful?”

My child, the rainbow has gone to brighten up the day of another little child, somewhere far off who needs it more today. Now that you have had your turn, how about spreading the cheer in someone else’s life, making them smile and feel good, just like the rainbow did to you? We all need to be that rainbow in each other’s life, the earth will be such a beautiful place if this comes true”

Linking up with the amazing Priceless Joy who hosts FlashFicion challenge for aspiring writers.

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