Invisible shackles #SundayPhotoFiction

The leopard inspected her new surroundings with a sense of despair- the cage left her with a sickening feeling but she couldn’t let her emotions drown her else her cub would sense the reality.

“Mommy I aint liking this, why are we caged? I love the open jungles where I can breathe fresh air, hunt for my prey. Not this suffocating cage where they feed me the same meat daily and so many people come and ogle at me. I hate it Mom, I want to be free. Free like that kid over there, who watches me and then runs off to play. He is not tied or caged like me. Why us?”

“You think he is free sonny but he is not. He goes home to his Mummy and Daddy who  decide what he eats, wears, studies. The he grows up and he still isn’t free for he is so afraid of breaking the norms and following his heart that he lives forever caged- in invisible shackles. Its the same story- we have some hope of being set free, who knows someday we may be back among our kin. But he- only when he breathes his last will he be set free.”


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