Shaken, not shattered #FridayFotoFiction

I was at my favourite spot at the peak of Brienz mountains again- the place I frequented as a young girl- when life was carefree, everything viewed from a rose tinted glass looked pretty, I was in love and life felt magical.

The whirlwind romance lasted 6 months and then we broke up. I then met Arjun and there was Raj and Karim and Chris. I have lost count now.

2 failed marriages – did they leave me or I left them? Love left us.

As a 40  year old, one thing that I wanted the most I never got. I got fleeting glimpses of it, moments which I wanted to freeze forever but love always slipped away. But I will not give up- the pursuit of finding true love continues.

I felt a hand on my shoulder, he stood close behind. He planted a kiss on my cheek- “wow this view is amazing, the best place on earth, how did you discover this place?”, he said nuzzling up against me.

I looked at Ayan’s chocolate brown eyes and my heart melted. This thing about love – it makes you feel warm and happy again.

“Mom you are awesome and I love you- I have said this many times but felt like saying it again”

After my second divorce I had adopted Ayan and I had this strong feeling that love was here to stay.

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