Living in Fairyland -Sunday Photo Fiction

Aria looked at the tiny board with her mouth wide open. She pointed her chubby finger and exclaimed in glee” Mumma look fairies welcome here” Does that mean real fairies come here at night and live in this tiny house, sit in this garden and eat gingerbread cake like in the stories?”

I looked at my 4 year old and smiled, thinking to myself “This world is full of angels and demons, as you grow up you realise that demons are predominant and fighting them ain’t easy. But you will learn just like I did. While you are still young, enjoy this wonderful make believe world of fairies and Santa Claus, its a wonderful world to  live in, full of warmth and sunshine.”

So I put on my 100 watt smile and exclaim “Oh yes honey, the fairies come here every night and live in this little house, have a party here in the garden and a little fairy may just have left a gift for this little girl who has been very kind and helped her Mumma last week”

Living in fairyland can be totally fun.

(185 words)

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