Nothing lasts forever #FFFAW #FlashFiction

Sarah loved watching the sun set. Every evening she made it a point  not to miss it. It was a ritual now since many years.

Just like the sun rose each day and filled the world with light, hope and happiness that a new dawn brings, her life had seen those wonderful moments like when John proposed, she was the happiest woman on earth.

And just like the sun set every evening and left the world in darkness, her little world came crashing down when he left her for another woman.

But time heals everything. Happiness or sorrow, nothing lasts forever. Bask in the glory of a new sunrise, celebrate your success and revel in joy but remember this is a phase.

Similarly, dark times, tears, betrayal and pain is a phase too. Brave it and emerge stronger and wiser.

(140 words)

Linking up with the amazing Priceless Joy, for flash fiction based on photo prompts. Thanks Footy and Foodie for the amazing photo prompt.


10 thoughts on “Nothing lasts forever #FFFAW #FlashFiction

    1. Very true Penny! While we usually associate sunrise with new and positive beginnings and sunset as the opposite- the truth may sometimes be that sunsets bring us something new by signifying the end of something which needed to be bade good bye

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