Real Stories #FridayFictioneers

The driveway was spell binding- one side of the road was full of trees, shedding their leaves, hues of green, yellow, red and the other side had sprawling mansions, each unique and beautiful. Everyone marvelled at the fortune of those living in these mansions.

The giant house belonged to Ruby- a widow who terribly missed her husband, next door lived John who had a scarred past and the 3 rd house was of Mili who craved for her parent’s attention. Each house had a different story, heartbreaking, of death, grief, betrayal, abuse, love lost- each story lay hidden under labyrinths of the glassy facade that shone bright.

(100 words)

Linking up with the amazing Rochelle Wisoff who hosts a weekly photo prompt flash fiction challenge.

4 thoughts on “Real Stories #FridayFictioneers

  1. You are right, we never know the struggles other faced. I have read somewhere- Each one is fighting their own struggle. So do not judge or compare. A nice short story.

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