The Proposal #FFFAW #FlashFiction

Little Holly was bubbling with excitement. She had just finished her poster with the words “LOVE” written neatly in bold.

Dad had a sombre look, she couldn’t fathom why.

It was Dad and Mom’s 10th wedding anniversary and Dad had arranged for Mom and her best friend Natasha to go on a all girls trip to Las Vegas- Mom needed some time with her friends. There was a phone call in the middle of the night and Holly could hear muffled sobs.

Today Dad and she were headed to the Central Square which was crowded with people, all holding candles, some with tearful eyes. This was the same place where her Dad proposed Mom. She thought Mom would walk in any minute and she would hold up her banner and Dad would propose again.- The candles and flowers would make Mom so happy.

Dad knelt and broke down, she moved forward perplexed only to see a photo of her Mom -(In memory of Rachelle 1985-2017)

(164 words)

Linking up with Priceless Joy for #FFFAW Flash Fiction based on photo prompts.

Thanks Elaine Farrington Johnson for the photo prompt.


(Author’s note- I was in deep shock to read about the shoot out which claimed so many innocent lives in Las Vegas, it fills me with fear overtime I step out, little knowing if I will come back to see my child. This is a tribute to all the innocent souls who lost their lives and the bereaved families, may God be with you.)

Linking up with Varad and Namy with this awesome initiative #WordSante

25 thoughts on “The Proposal #FFFAW #FlashFiction

  1. Some time back, just after the shooting in Paris, a man who had lost his wife sent out a message along with his son saying that he will not give the terrorists the gift of his hatred. It was such a powerful message and a very moving one. Your story made me recall that incident. Good story, but sad reality. And thanks for linking up with #WordSante

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    1. Yea I read some very powerful stories of people who say they will not succumb, the show must go on. It’s sad but the resilience of people is what makes me root for them.


  2. Tragic and really sad. And it is somehow worse, because there is apparently no reason and one cannot just guard against something or take corrective action that is mindless…

    I came over to visit from #WordSante

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