Amnesia #FridayFotoFiction

Raj stared at the images on the pin board- they seemed to be telling him a story-his story. The charismatic dare devil life of Raj Saksena, the top FBI cop who was well known and has solved many high profile cases. An accident which led to memory loss had wiped out everything- from his name to his family. He had no memories- a clean slate it was.

Rashmi, his wife looked at him and thought of all the past years of longing, dreams, hopes, lost love and memories- were there any memories for him to recall? Sadly none, as  his high profile job left him with no time for them. But that had changed now and she knew it was for good.

The doctors said its a short term memory loss but as she looked at the pills clutched in her hand, she knew they would now live “happily ever after”.

(150 words)

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42 thoughts on “Amnesia #FridayFotoFiction

  1. Amnesia is awesome!!! Seriously!

    It’s like formatting your brain and clearing the cache. Now the history has gone already in this condition. And then you have that one choice one day…. To recollect everything or To re-learn whatever is needed. I chose the later.
    Who wanted to be an engineer if you can be an entrepreneur???!

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      1. Yes got it… I spoke of Amnesia in general.
        In my case, there’s no wife to remind me of pills. Im a pirate with Amnesia who’s lost his memory but not the sense of direction.

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  2. Boon in disguise… some one’s loss can be such a great blessing for some other!
    Happy for Rashmi, she can now make up on long lost moments!
    Lovely tale Akshata.
    – Anagha from Team MocktailMommies

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  3. I do not support the wifes wily way, at all!
    I do love your brilliant writing style, as always.
    I also love the new look of the blog!
    Thank you for writing for #FridayFotoFiction , Akshata. I look forward to your stories:)

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