Parenting Woes #AtoZChallenge #BlogchatterA2Z

She kicked her way into this world with aplomb. A 13 hour labour which left me exhausted for the first 2 hours and then came a saviour called “Epidural”. The delivery process was then a cakewalk, literally. I lay in my bed comfortably, laughing and chatting, a part of my eager to catch the first… Continue reading Parenting Woes #AtoZChallenge #BlogchatterA2Z

Decoding the Milky mystery#AtoZChallenge #BlogchatterA2Z

As an infant, I gave sleepless nights to Mommy and Daddy as I was always hungry, my appetite just couldn’t be satiated. The more Mommy fed me her milk, the more hungry I would get and refused to sleep. One night I cried my lungs out and turned tomato red by 5 am. A panicky… Continue reading Decoding the Milky mystery#AtoZChallenge #BlogchatterA2Z


I had recently moved to Pune due to a job change. Though the city was not entirely new to me, having lived here in my teens, I was coming back after almost 15 years. As I was taking up residence on the outskirts of the city in a place called Hinjewadi which consists largely of… Continue reading Labelled

Lessons in parenting and life from Swiss

One of the highlights of 2016 for me was my maiden European trip to Switzerland. It was an official trip for a month to the financial hub Zurich and I took my mum and daughter along as it was a good opportunity for them to visit a new place. The trip was fabulous personally as… Continue reading Lessons in parenting and life from Swiss