Cos I like being on the move #FictionMondays

“When I am your age, I will just relax. I wont work, will just sit at home and chill”. She gave a non committal smile and moved on, how she wished she could have shrugged.

When you work in your 50’s , you get to hear this quite often. “Ah why do you need to work, your kids are so well settled. And as you say they are happy to support you if you choose to quit. Why then don’t you retire? Why work at this age?”

It seemed odd to her that there exists a pre conceived notion that once you reach a certain age , everyone would want to relax. Cos being still was never her norm. She loved the fast lane, being busy, the chaos, the routine Monday to Friday – it was exhausting at times but it kept her mind occupied, not just being occupied but she thrived , she felt alive and kicking.

She had to retire one day and she dreaded being at home in an empty house. Her kids had their own life- their careers, their friends, hobbies, priorities. She did not want to stand in the way. Thats when she ventured outdoors after years.The outdoors where nature and she became one. Her love for trekking was rekindled and there was no looking back.

The only “still” she loved was when she soaked herself in the beauty around, admiring nature and being in awe of how divine Mother nature is.

Linking up with Vineeta who hosts Fiction Mondays

Thats the lady in the fast lane- the one who inspires Angel and me and from whom we get it all! That spring in our step.

One thought on “Cos I like being on the move #FictionMondays

  1. How beautiful! 50, 60, 70 doesn’t mean that one has to let go of everything they enjoyed and settle in for quiet and relaxed life. In fact, staying active and engaged with what we love to do will have a positive effect on our minds and body. Thank you for joining Fiction Monday. Wish you a fantastic week ahead, Akshata!

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