New Beginnings #FictionMonday

Love comes when you least expect it. And in the most unlikeliest of places.

A Bakery school? Who arranges a meeting of unknown people at a Bakery school? Some weirdo for sure.

Being new to the city and eager to socialise , she decided to join in. As she walked up to the table, Rohit and Rhea who had organised the get together came to meet her.

“Hi I am Rohit nice to meet you, glad you could come”

“Hi I am Aisha, looking forward to this evening”

Never had she thought in the wildest of her dreams that she would end up meeting her soulmate here.

Here’s to new beginnings!

Do you believe in destiny? There is this famous Shahrukh Khan movie quote which goes by “Kahi na kahi, koi na koi, mere liye bana hai” (Someone somewhere is made for you). Its all about how your paths intertwine and you meet each other, its all about that “meeting”. The overdose of romance in Bollywood often feels tacky but the eternal optimist in me believes this is true. After all hope is what keeps us going!.

PS – Aisha and Rohit is a story thats incomplete, given its micro fiction I will come back with a longer version some day. Until then keep reading!

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2 thoughts on “New Beginnings #FictionMonday

  1. That’s sweet! I agree with you, Akshata. Love can happen in the unlikeliest places. And it happens when you don’t look for it.
    Shah Rukh definitely managed to put a smile on our face and hope in our heart with that line, didn’t he? 🙂

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