Can love last a lifetime? #FictionMonday

“Yes” she whispered into the phone.

The word I had been waiting to hear, my heart pounded so loudly that I thought everyone around could hear it.

I wanted to dance with joy, sing, jump and do all sorts of crazy things but I had to compose myself.

Shreya and I had to cross many hurdles before our union would be accepted by our families.

Love can make you move mountains and thats what we did.

Exactly 8 months later we tied the knot.

Those phone calls , made in the dead of the night , whispering sweet nothings , dreaming of how our future together would look like, life had been so different and blessed.

And today, it was hard to believe we were the same 2 people.

As I cut her call after speaking for barely 10 seconds where she reminded me about the chicken I needed to buy for tomorrow’s lunch, there was nothing more for her to say or me to ask.

I wondered “what had happened to us, did we have nothing to say to each other any more except talking of errands to be run and bills to be paid? Where were the conversations, the banter, the silly laughs, crying our heart out?”

I couldn’t let our love lose.

As she opened her gift , her eyes popped wide open.

“Wow Dad an antique telephone like the old days , how cool is that!” cooed our son as Shreya smiled at me.

I knew we would win again.

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9 thoughts on “Can love last a lifetime? #FictionMonday

    1. Thx for stopping by Namy I do feel not just romantic love but all kinds of relationships were much better when we had a landline v/a now where everyone has a mobile phone


  1. This is sweet, Akshata! As years go by relationship changes from full love and romance to getting the chores done. It’s nice that the guy wanted to restore love back in their lives and took the first step. Lovely story!
    Thank you for sharing this sweet tale with us, Aks. Looking forward to reading your story for this week’s #FictionMonday prompt. πŸ™‚

    Liked by 1 person

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