A year of resolutions or do I resolve to make none?

A question that often plagues one and all- open the newspaper or browse through your phone, read blogposts or chat with friends- the new year resolutions often top the charts.

2020 a year that will go down in history as something that turned out to be starkly different than what any of us had ever envisioned- and hence the question. Is it worth making resolutions at all or just take things as they come?

I normally do make resolutions at regular intervals of time and not just the new year for whats in a day that will change it all? Most of those who know me are aware I am someone who plans, executes methodically, and most often achieve what I plan.

2020 saw me pick up my pen again, thought not to the extent I would have liked. I also contemplated publishing my book but certain inhibitions around the regularity of my writing and being out of touch with most of the blogging community made me hold back my decision. I would like to muster courage and tick this long lost dream off my list in 2021. To the girls who motivated me to get my book out, thanks for being there!

I also brought about a transformation in my fitness regime in the second half of 2020- I know my posts could be bugging sometimes with all the sweaty pics and apple watch updates. One important lesson I learnt especially in the last few days is that its important to exercise regularly and stay fit but also important to rest and let your body recover. I have been in a kind of frenzy in the past few weeks over closing the Apple watch rings which in turn pushes me to get better each day, week, month, The bar keeps rising and so does the urge to achieve it all. Its a good thing to raise the bar and outperform yourself but its ok to not close those rings sometimes. So 2021 will be all about mindful exercise and taking breaks! We all need breaks. I have so much more to say on this topic, will save that for another day.

Practising gratitude and savouring joy, making a point to stay in touch with those were by my side when I needed them the most, creating more wonderful memories with Angel and progressing further on Harry Potter series that we are reading together- these are some of the things I plan to indulge in.

Wishing 2021 is a year where we are kinder to ourselves and others for we are uncertain of what the future holds, whats the new normal – but with love, hope and laughter we will see this through and make some wonderful memories on the way.

Happy new year! Stay safe and happy!

7 thoughts on “A year of resolutions or do I resolve to make none?

  1. You’ve always been an inspiration, Akshata! A true feminist in my eyes. One whose life is an embodiment of feminism. I’ve been following your fitness posts too, and the makeover is incredible. The results speak and how! You are a kick-ass writer too, and there is nothing like too late. You can always reconnect with the community and get back in the game. You have the talent and the connection with the readers. I wish you all the best in your writing journey this year. Wishing you a fabulous 2021 again!

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