The Tornado #FictionMonday

A storm sometimes takes you by surprise, a perfectly pleasant day , sunny and warm and all of a sudden you see dark clouds looming overhead. Thunder rumbles, a flash of lightning and before you realise, its a full fledged storm.

You scramble to take shelter nearby, any place that seems remotely safe. Those at home, hurry to get all the clothes that are drying inside, shut the doors and windows and wait for storm to subside. But what when it does not stop? The storm rages on and on and we stay where we are, unsure of what lies in store.

Wasn’t 2020 a tornado, (calling it a storm would mean undermining the intensity of what this year brought with it), we went through a roller coaster where there were more lows than highs for most of us. Being so vulnerable, realising that despite all we achieved , at the end of the day we are mere mortals, this year was life changing. But in midst of a raging storm, we sometimes find our calm. And this calm can often be something we never envisioned, finding a new you perhaps.

In years to come we will remember this year of the storm, and of how it changed us, for better or worse.

Liking up with Vinitha who hosts Fiction Mondays, the word prompt is “storm”

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11 thoughts on “The Tornado #FictionMonday

  1. Thank you a lot for the visit and comment.
    I saw once, many years ago, a strange phenomena at the seaside, but it was from the territory to the sea and was parallel with the beach. I do not know the name. But it was very powerful to flip over all the crafts ahead it. With or without tornadoes, this year will be remember by the mankind!
    All the best and inspiration!

    PS. my blog on WP is empty. For the moment it’s only for comments on other blogs.


  2. True. We are never going to 2020 in our lifetime. I am glad that we are here, safe and sound to share our stories of how we faced this utterly unexpected uncertainty. Isn’t that something!
    Thank you for joining #fictionmonday, Akshata. ❤

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