No place like home #FictionMondays

Laying on my comfy couch, a kettle of my favourite tea brewing nearby, as I immerse myself in one of the classics I can read umpteen times and still never tire, how I dreamt of this day! But life as always has different plans.

A bustling household, kids, elders to care for, meals to cook, bills to pay, relatives to entertain- there was never a dull moment. It was a joy ride which I loved, but I would lie if I said I never craved for me time.

That time will come once my birds fly the nest, I kept telling myself and waited while I savoured every moment of the present.

Not in the way I ever expected, I shed a lonely tear as memories came flooding by. Asif’s demise, the kids asking me to sell our home and move to London knowing my heart and soul was here, in this very place, me finding a voice I never knew existed, bitter fights, allegations and tears. Finally no one but me and this house. Memories, books and tea. Tears of pain and a heart which I doubt would heal. Finding solace in my abode is what keeps me going.

Linking with Vinitha who hosts Fiction Monday

4 thoughts on “No place like home #FictionMondays

  1. That’s heartbreaking, Akshata. After doing everything for everyone else sacrificing her ‘me-time’ she ended up with tears! That’s not fair. Unfortunately, this happens more often than we would like to admit.
    Thank you for joining #FictionMonday with this beautiful story. Waiting to read your response for this week’s promp.

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  2. That was sad, Akshata. But, in a way, I am glad she has her own space, things to keep her company. One needs it when the people in their life expect something way beyond their control, or walk out on them.

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