Bite sized stories inspired by the lockdown #StaySafe #RediscoverYourself

Adu never knew a life without his friends, Mommy and Daddy were always busy with work and his empty life was filled up with the boys gang and his Ipad. How cool was that!

And then came Corona- Mommy Daddy at home with Adu but no friends and no playground. Mommy Daddy needed the wifi all day and he was asked to ‘take it slow’. Dadi had come to stay and Adu welcomed the company for a change. She gave him the best gift he could ever get in a lifetime- a friend who would never desert him. A new world opened up to him.  

Misha and Nishant were college sweethearts, who would ever believe that now? 20 years, a marriage, 3 kids, the struggles of balancing it all had taken a toll on their relationship. They lived as man and wife, it was but a farce.

And then came Corona- stuck in the same house for 21 days, managing the kids and the household sans maids meant mayhem. It was messy for 2 days and then the unthinkable happened. He stepped forward to do his bit, it had to be teamwork to survive the mess. She cooked breakfast, he did the dishes, she did the clothes, he did the mopping. And they shared a cuppa on the terrace after years- life always doesn’t give you second changes, but a few of us are lucky.   

Not everyone needs marriage to complete them- she stood by her words. Life was bubbling with her job, fitness classes, meeting up with friends, it never felt like something was missing.

And then came Corona. The first 2 days were bearable but being alone at home the whole day felt stiffling. The  weekend dragged along and she thought “Was I being naive? Maybe I need someone just like everyone else around.” Then came the Zoom call and the girle gang chatted for hours , drinks over Zoom! She picked up a book from the rack and hours passed by.  She cooked the next day and did the crossword and found ways to amuse herself. The shroud cleared, as she smiled at her reflection. “All you need to complete yourself is this unwavering faith in you”.

This is purely a work of fiction. As bleak as the situation seems, most of us have found our silver lining, rediscovered our hobbies, rekindled relationships, and learnt the art of being thankful for all that we are blessed with. 

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5 thoughts on “Bite sized stories inspired by the lockdown #StaySafe #RediscoverYourself

  1. You are right, Aksh. As bleak as the situation may seem, this has given a bit of unexpected break, time to spend with our loved ones, time to explore and pick up old hobbies, both old and new. Hope you are safe. Loved your stories.

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