Week 1 of Self isolation- Not all is dark

It came like a typhoon and made us realise we are human, we are vulnerable. It takes a few moments to turn life topsy turvy.

Last Monday, I went to work as usual after a 3 day vacation only to realise we were moving into split team operations- Team A and Team B where Team A would start working from home, starting the next day after 14 days of self distancing would come back to office and swap places with team B. I had to start off on getting my teams organised, plus the barrage of mails and calls all thanks to COVID.

The atmosphere had suddenly changed, all people were talking of was Corona and how things were drastically changing. We had lots more in store, something that we couldn’t have imagined in our wildest of dreams.

From Tuesday we started working from home , it was fraught with challenges- power cuts, internet conking off and having to restart the entire system but I found out something amazing. Each and every person was so dedicated, took this very professionally and despite these roadblocks we delivered amazingly well. Within 2 days we have moved to a 100% work from home in Pune, and we continued to struggle but persevere. The silver lining here was how we worked together as one team, trying to do the best we could in these circumstances. A vital leadership lesson I learnt here is talk to people, communicate, let them know whats happening at the organisation level, let them feel connected, take time to appreciate them, ask after those who are alone in the city or feeling under the weather- it makes a lot of difference knowing that you are valued.

Its time to think of innovative solutions as it seems that this is not turning around very soon, having to work from home for a few more weeks, maybe months (?)and having to deliver quarter end wont be easy , and thats where we need to work together to tide through this.

On the home front, although I was in front of my daughter throughout the day, it was like being mentally away. I caught glimpses of her but couldn’t really take that break and read a story, play a game , it was insanely crazy. By the time I wound up, she was blissfully sleeping. I made up on the weekend with lots of reading (something we both equally love!), we played pretend make up (something many little kids take delight in), she squealed in joy as I applied kohl to her eyes and posed for a selfie!

The silver lining was otherwise dead Whats app groups where we only wish each other “Happy Birthday” were now alive with everyone asking each other how they were holding up, it was really nice to connect with my blogger friends as we shared tips on how to manage work and kids who are at home all day and are constantly bored or hungry. Mommies comforted each other as they vented out, laughed, indulged in banter – it was heartening. I connected with a few friends whom I had not found the time (call it excuse) to talk to.

With exercising being a challenge , I took to mopping the floor the traditional way and quite enjoyed the dual benefit of a sparkling floor and calories burnt. I will look out for more innovative ways to work out in the days to come.

I picked up a book from my bookshelf after long, and not one for Angel this time. I am quite liking this engrossing book about human relations by Sashi Deshpande (If Angel lets me finish it, will be an achievement!)

And we managed this with Angel on JuntaCurfew day!

Its not me though but mom who sat with her patiently in the afternoon as I tucked my head in the novel! It made me realise my biggest silver lining is having my mom by my side which makes every crisis seem like “This too shall pass”, its times like these which makes you count your blessings.

And the most wonderful thing- cuddling with Angel as we watched Shrek last night! Its been long we have watched a movie like this together.

Lets see how the next week plays out, its going to be stressful but lets keep looking for positivity, show some kindness and care towards each other and we are sure to find a silver lining.

How has the past one week treated you? Is self isolation, a forced one as bad as it seems or have you discovered something new? Do share your thoughts.

Stay safe and keep blogging!

One thought on “Week 1 of Self isolation- Not all is dark

  1. Lovely to hear that you found your silver lining. We had an amazing week too. the kids learned to wash their own plates after every meal since we no longer have a maid to do the utensils. My daughters who were fighting a lot off late realized what a blessing it is to have a sibling when they are isolated from school and their friends. Even so when they get an overdose of each other they are happy to enjoy books and jigsaws by themselves.

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