Love letters #TellTaleThursdays

The fair was always a grand affair that I loved- the giant wheel which gave me a bird’s eye view of the world, candy floss, shopping for trinkets, chattering away with my girl friends and stealing glances with boys from the neighbourhood.

I had never thought Jun3rd would turn out to be a life changing event , it was but a regular day at the fair. As I stopped to admire a bracelet, I found a note tucked into my pocket, I was sure it wasn’t there this morning. It said “catch me if you can”. I had been receiving many such notes lately from a stranger.

I looked around but as usual there was no clue. The next note was in the giant wheel on my seat. It was sealed with red hearts and read “I am a fan, could I be your man till eternity?”. I scowled at the silly rhyme, my eyes were glistening though.

There he was, at the top of the tower holding a life sized poster with a heart and my picture.

Its been 15 years now and all I have are these notes safely tucked away, all I have are these memories.

He ran too fast into the wilderness and I couldn’t keep pace.

Linking up with #TellTaleThursday with Anshu Priya., this week they have a situational prompt .- You are at a fair and you get a note – “Catch me if you can!”

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