And then I found my happily ever after #TellTaleThursday

I shut my eyes hoping that sleep would come, but it continued to elude me. My eyes were puffy from crying the whole night. What do I do? How do I get over Josh?

The one whom I thought I want to spend the rest of my life with, get married, have babies, grow old together- What went wrong? Why did it end so abruptly? How do I move on with life?

I look around and see everyone is living their lives as if nothing has happened. Of course their world hasn’t been turned topsy turvy.

I went to the shopping mall , hoping that splurging money on buying designer clothes and shoes will distract me and take away my pain. It turned out to be a huge folly, as I kept thinking of all the shops we visited as a couple and now here I was – all alone.

Come back to the present- I need to find an antidote, I told myself firmly, flinging the sheets aside as I grabbed my cell and thats when my eyes fell on the picture -someone had just shared a pic of an open book, its pages fluttering as it invited the reader to explore it.

I thought of the book in my shelf that lay abandoned. I had bought it with such excitement, all ready to devour it and then Josh happened. I never got to reading it as all my free time was spent with him.

Memories of my childhood flashed before my eyes, I was a lonely kid. My only friend left town one day and I was inconsolable. Thats when Grandma introduced me to a new world- a best friend who would never leave my side. A magical new world opened up for me and though I made many new friends in life, my love for this special friend never ceased, it grew with age.

I walked towards the shelf and opened up the book, the pages beckoned me. My dear friend had never left my side, it was me who had strayed.

But I had found home again and I knew I would be all right.

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