Being Mala #FFFAW #FlashFiction

A lady in her 50’s dressed in baggy pants and a shirt, her hair in a messy bun was pacing up and down the street. Despite a “No entry” board, she walked right past that road, turned around and kept walking in circles. She bent once to tie her shoelace but seemed to be having a very tough time figuring out how to knot it. She almost gave up when someone gently placed their hand over hers.

She looked up startled, squinted and a faint smile appeared on her lips. A young boy bent down and tied her lace. He lent her a helping hand “Grampy lets go home” he whispered kindly.

The passerby’s looked on. A few of them were highly amused at this sight . Maybe an illiterate woman who had lost her way in the city. Someone came by and patted the grandson’s shoulder.

“This is Prof Mala Rai, a renowned Phd. holder who was awarded for her thesis by the President of India. She is suffering from early onset Alzheimer’s. Day by day, she is losing her memory, going back to being a child. She raised me, its time for me to be the mother now.”

Linking up with Priceless Joy who hosts a weekly flash fiction challenge for aspiring writers. Thanks Yarnspinner for he photo.


20 thoughts on “Being Mala #FFFAW #FlashFiction

  1. Alzheimer takes away peoples dignity, only empty shell remains. Good Prof. Rai did not have to tie her shoelace by herself. Such motor skills are affected early. Nice post, showing human vulnerability, now matter how educated a person is.

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  2. A great use of the prompt, Alzheimer’s is a dreadful condition, and so varied in its destructive makeup. I pray that the world finds a way to stop it in its tracks, along with the many other nasty diseases.

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