Head over heart #FFFAW #FlashFiction

Agnes Lai felt uneasy, she was not used to someone waiting on her like that. Holding her feet as she tried on another pair of Miu Miu shoes , eyes downcast, James Chow waited silently as Agnes placed her hand gently on Eddie Wang’s shoulder.

It wasn’t just the excitement of being in a new relationship with Eddie that made her cheeks glow. Agnes was happy she chose wise. She was happy she listened to her brain for once. As a farmer’s daughter she could never had made it big, but here she was with Eddie, the wealthiest industrialist in town. Eddie had promised to shoulder her 3 sisters responsibility as well.

As she looked at James’s eyes, a pain shot through her heart. James and she were childhood friends. 2 days ago she almost thought that he was about to profess his love for her but stopped. Eddie meanwhile proposed, he had seen her and fallen head over heels in love with her.

A servant’s wife or the mistress of the richest man in town, true love or comforts and security for her and her family- she had taken only a minute to decide what she wanted.

“The red ones please and my Gucci handbag to go with them”, she smiled.


Linking up with Priceless Joy who hosts a weekly flash fiction challenge for aspiring writers.

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