Tears of Joy #SundayPhotoFiction

Uncle Sam was seated at his usual place in the park, having his customary snack and iced  latte.

I hesitated. I better offer my condolences quickly and get done with this. I always sucked at this one thing. “What do I say to a man who has just lost his companion of 35 years?”

As I went closer, I could hear sobs. It made me more uncomfortable. I cleared my throat and he turned.

I could see tears streaming down his eyes. But wait.. something looked out of place. He was smiling. The old fart was actually beaming.

My first thought was that he has gone insane. The death of his wife has traumatised him.

He signalled me to come and join him. Open mouthed, I followed.

“I can’t believe Joey, that I am free. Finally. To watch football, drink as much as beer I want and sit in peace. This is bliss. Just before Sandra breathed her last, she painted this beautiful picture of the life I would soon live. She would be watching she said and if I shed a single tear of sorrow, she would find it difficult to move on. So I have decided to be happy, live every moment to the fullest and wait for the day when I join her above. Do you think that day will come soon Joey? I hope its not a long wait”.

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