And then she triumphed- A true Career Comeback story

Almost a year ago I wrote a piece about 2 women– both of whom had taken a career break and were eager to get back to work. For one, the transition was smooth but for the other it was rocky terrain. Finding a job itself was the biggest obstacle. This article was widely read and I received many comments , many of the readers could identify with these women, while they cheered for the first and were really hopeful of a brighter future for women, the story of the second brought to light the stark reality which many of us have to live with, the fact that as a women who has all the passion and ambition to get back to the workforce, its not easy and how we collectively as a society have failed her.

I write this post today as the woman Annie I spoke about found a job and I can clearly sense the enthusiasm in her spirit. I spoke to her more than 6 months back when she was interviewing with one of the top banks and things were looking very positive. She told me she wants me to write her story, the story of her victory despite all odds. And I waited eagerly for positive news from her. Unfortunately without a good enough reason given by the interviewers they decided to not proceed further. I did not hear from her after that. I too got busy with my work and put this behind. Until yesterday when I came across her name when scrolling through my contacts and on a whim decided to chat her. I was euphoric to hear that she found a job 2 months ago and I could sense the change in aura , there was so much of optimism that I seized the opportunity and asked her “can I write about it? This is sure to inspire so many”.

“How did you land the job?”– In April 2018 when I was pregnant and was taking some classes I met a lady Aylin who referred me to her previous employer. I had an interview but did not make it. I then applied to 2 more banks , had 3 rounds at one and one round at another but both did not work. In April 2019 my current organisation called me up again and asked if I am still available, I had 2 round and I landed the job.

Despite the numerous rejections, what made you move on and never give up? I knew there is no other way than finding a job. I was working in the past and I know the sense of financial freedom and confidence a working woman has, how it changes her life for the better. I had to take a break due to personal circumstances but I was always clear that I want to get back to the workforce. Thats why I never gave up and I can now see how it has impacted my life positively. I am constantly in a happy phase. My relationship with my husband has also improved as I no longer crib or pick on him for small things. The fact that you are not working and completely dependant on the husband financially made me feel small from within, there was this lump which has now melted away and vanished.

Tell me about the experience, your team and the struggles you face on a day to day basis? My boss Jason is a Canadian citizen, and a great guy. He is flexible and understanding, the fact that I have a one year old baby and need flexibility is something he gets and that makes it a very conducive work environment. The struggle with the current team is the age diversity, there are 40 year olds who have worked in this organisation for 20 +years and there are the millenials, I am kind of still finding my place here.

On the home front, tt is a struggle managing the household and kid , it was quite overwhelming at the start. My kid goes to a day care which is very close to my workplace. I drop him in the mornings and pick him up after work. My hubby is more supportive than usual. I get absolutely no me time but I am not complaining.

This story had to be written, for the other one would have been incomplete without this. Its like “Did she find her happily evert after?” You bet she did. And the drivers behind her success are the eco system which supports her in pursuing her goals- right from the workplace , to her home. But the propelling force without which this would not have seen the light of the day is her unwavering faith in self, her ability to put each painful rejection behind and find courage to move forward, knowing in her heart that the day will come when she will see herself at the place she ought to be. Its this faith in self that works wonders. Here is wishing Annie many more years of a successful and rewarding career.

Image courtesy- Indiatoday.

3 thoughts on “And then she triumphed- A true Career Comeback story

  1. Inspiring story. It also highlights the fact that as a society we still have a long way to go to take care of the special needs of women who have to juggle between work and child care. The Scandinavian countries have robust systems in this regard.

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    1. True I heard about it – they score high on the happiness index too. Though Switzerland is not a Scandinavia country it’s heartening to see that when a woman in a developed country had to go through so many odds, thr situation back home is certainly much more grim


  2. Financial independence is one of the best things that comes as a direct result of having a job. I’m so glad that Annie found her happy ending. You’re right – in today’s tough world, one should not lose heart because of rejections. You have to keep trying. Success won’t be too far behind then.
    Being a homemaker herself, my mother always pushed me to never follow in her footsteps. She’s the reason why I got a job so early in life. The situation is grim compared to other countries, but I’m holding on to the ray of hope that things are slowly but steadily improving, with many employers offering better benefits to women as long as motherhood is concerned.

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