Beyond boundaries #FridayFotoFiction

“Yes” he said, sliding his fingers into hers as she clasped them tight.

It was the start of a long and arduous journey, the conservative society would never accept this, they had defied all norms, it was an unholy union.

It was something they had agreed upon right from the time they started dating. They never expected it would happen so soon, 6 months it was since they first met.

Commitment would be voluntary, not obligatory, they did not want to be bound by marriage,

They had discussed about having a child though, should such an eventuality arise in their relationship.

The test results were positive, they were not ready for marriage but ready to have a baby together. They looked forward to  a new beginning together, despite the challenges they knew it would be the start of a beautiful phase.

(140 words)

Linking up with Mayuri and Tina for #FridayFotoFiction.

Author’s note- I was intrigued to read about the changing scenario of families 2 days ago on in “The Times of India”. An article covered 2 couples who choose to have babies without tying the knot. While they are committed to bringing up the child together and share their responsibilities they don’t see the need to bound by marriage which they think is not hassle free. It was an interesting article and got me thinking about the changing dynamics of society.

16 thoughts on “Beyond boundaries #FridayFotoFiction

  1. Bringing up children with legal parents is hard enough. I wonder how easy it will be to bring up a child without marriage. Marriage as an institution was essentially to safeguard the interests and rights of the child according to what I learned as a social psychology student. Marriage can be in any way – ritualistic ore otherwise but essentially it is a legalised or socially accepted commitment to raise a family together. I have no problems with people living together but I think it is a bit unfair to the child. What about the rights of the child? And who has the legal guardianship? In case of the loss of the parent do the grandparents still retain the right to visitation? I know this is just a story but as you mentioned there is some basis to this story…….no smoke without a fire….

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    1. Of course all questions cannot be answered that easily. And this story was Based on an article I read as I mentioned so it’s a reality for many. While I do not deny that there are complications, aren’t they issues which kids face when parents are divorced? Or a gay/ lesbian couple are parents? I strongly feel we need to open up our minds, we may not agree to every kind of arrangement which defies the norms but who are we to judge? Why can’t we be more inclusive? Just a thought!


  2. Probably we need a paradigm shift in our way to look at partnership and marriages. We have many Hollywood celebrities who had children while having a live in relationship with their partners, sans any wed locks. I would say its an individual’s choice or the couple’s choice and we must respect their right to live their way. However what would be the legal status of children in this case? Will those be treated illegitimate, I wonder.
    Different reality altogether, Akshata!

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    1. Exactly my point Anagha! We may or may not agree but need to broaden our horizon. Regarding legality of children born out of wedlock based on what I read it’s very tricky. While the relationship of the couple is considered illegal in absence of marriage they have a right to inherit their parents property. Ambiguous it is.


  3. I love this. Everyone should have the option to follow their heart. It’s on them to make the children understand and I see in no way wrong to want to do this.

    Nice take and a discussion initiator indeed.

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  4. This is interesting. The concept as well. Maybe it will work, maybe it won’t. Time will tell.
    Glad you used it for the prompt and enlightened us about it, Akshata.
    Thank you for writing for #FridayFotoFiction


  5. I read a story a few months back on a popular theatre artist who had chosen to go this way and is now happily raising her daughter though being an unwed mother. The birth father still is in a casual relationship with the lady. As much as I don’t condemn them for their choices, I do wonder at this decision as its the child who will face the brunt of society’s wrath. But am glad the society is open minded enough at least in small pockets to discuss this in media now.

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    1. Yes there will always be these unanswered questions and finger pointing especially in Indian society. It’s tough one to answer. I heard there is a Bollywood film on this which will release soon


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