Moving on #FridayFictioneers

It was time to move on, say good bye to the house she grew up in which was now a dilipidated building.

She would miss the good old days when they played in the courtyard without a worry, plucked mangoes from the trees.She would miss those hugs by grandma which magically took off all her worries, the head massage by mother every Saturday where the two chatted like old friends.

What she would never miss and want to erase from all memories were the terrifying nights when her father came and slept beside her.

It was time to bid goodbye,a final one.

(100 words)

Linking up with the lovely Rochelle Wisoff who hosts #FridayFictioneers a photo prompt flash fiction for writers.

39 thoughts on “Moving on #FridayFictioneers

  1. At least she still takes pleasure in some memories of her childhood, despite the terror of being abused. A good take on the prompt, picking up on the damage to the building, both literally and as a metaphor for the damage suffered by the girl.

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  2. Lovely imagery with the mango tree and sweet moments with her mother. Hoping those memories help erase the horrible ones. That is my hope as my husband and I work with children from severe poverty and abuse. To help replace good for bad, but knowing we can’t entirely do so. Well written for sure!

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  3. Sometimes the reality is so brutal that its difficult to say Good Bye. Wish the girl has better life ahead.
    A heart wrenching tale Akshata! Great job with the prompt.

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