The cycle of life #SundayPhotoFiction

Adam roamed aimlessly on the streets of Venice- the beautiful city which held dear memories since decades.

As a child, he clutched his Mumma’s hand as they walked on this very street- as his Mom bought some custard and pie and he had his weekly treat of popsicles.

He then grew up and walked with his friends, their roving eyes looking at pretty girls as they laughed aloud sharing a joke, munching on peanuts.

Then came the special walk with Angela- the walk down the aisle as they took a vow to stand by each other- they walked hand in hand, shared a glass of wine at “Rosemary” and she shopped to her heart’s delight at “Manor”.

The kids came, 1,2,3 and it was a harried walk- to buy kids clothes, essentials, baby food, laundry- no time to stand and stare.

Today, he had all the time. The kids has flown the nest, he had just left a wreath of flowers at his beloved Angela’s grave- he had nothing to do, nothing to look forward to.

A lone tear trickled down his cheek, I wish I dint live to see this day he thought.

A chubby finger clutched his hand “Grandpa I want some popsicles” -he smiled. There was always something to be thankful about- God never failed his children.

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