The pain of a mother #FridayFictioneers

The rows of of branded stores, roadside cafes,her dream destination Chicago did little to cheer her up today.It had been just 2 days that she landed in her city of dreams for a business assignment.

The initial thrill had subsided and she had this gnawing feeling of missing her daughter, the pain of a mother who lives apart, she could feel it today,

She took out her phone and dialled a number, tears trickling down her eyes.

“Maa I am coming home to India this year, its been 2 years I know. This trip made me realise the pain of a mother.

(100 words)

Linking up with the amazing Rochelle Wisoff for 100 word flash Fiction, thanks Mari Gail for the photo prompt.


31 thoughts on “The pain of a mother #FridayFictioneers

  1. I guess you are missing your daughter a lot and this is coming out in your writing. You beautifully expressed the longing of a mother in 100 words. Sending cheers and smiles to you dear.

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