SOS #FFFAW #FlashFiction

Neel woke up with a start, he had seen the same scary dream again- 2 sinister creatures, they looked like dragons, howling in pain, they seemed to be telling him something.

Next instant,they were shrinking, their skin had shrivelled up and the bones were visible.

Who were they?Why did they keep coming in his dreams?

He heard laughter and went out to see. Mom was proudly displaying her new prized possession- The Louis Muitton Limited Edition handbag made from dragon skin, it had cost her a fortune.

He moved forward and touched the bag- a tear trickled down his cheek, he now knew what those dreams meant.

(108 words)

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      1. There are a lot of products including food products that we use, and often that process is inhumane to the animals. It would probably be hard to avoid completely unless one were a Vegan and was scrupulous about examining everything they purchase to make sure no animal products/byproducts were involved.

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