I forgive #FridayFotoFiction

Everyone had a solemn look,a few tear stricken faces as they stood around the burning pyre. All but Sudha. She had a smile on her face,it was more of an expression of peace, serenity,like she had been searching for something for ages and had finally found it.

Sudha and Naresh’s was a candy love story.As they sang songs around the campfire, their eyes locked.The first time they made love as the fire cackled,not just their bodies but their hearts were united in love.

Never had she dreamt that he would leave her for his family honour.She never forgave him, she burnt in this concoction of hatred, envy, negativity for years.He tried making contact,asking for forgiveness but she turned away.

As he breathed his last today,she saw the ashen face,the suffering had ceased and somewhere the chord broke.

She had set him free,and she was free.

(145 words)

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26 thoughts on “I forgive #FridayFotoFiction

  1. (Aks, it’s more than 155 words. I apologise if wrong)

    Another death on #FridayFotoFiction. Someone or the other dies in #FridayFotoFiction every week. What if a child reads all #FridayFotoFiction blogs in one sitting?

    Question open to all. Esp. mommy bloggers.

    P.S.: RIP Naresh. Respect for the deceased.


    1. Well I will do the word count again in that case. I don’t think a child should be oblivious to death. Though it’s beyond me why will a child read my blogs! Secondly if he does, it’s good that he/she will know about death. Thirdly don’t generalize- there maybe people who write about death a couple of them off the prompt. So what? To be honest it’s better than the cheap thrills you are trying to sell in the name of erotica. It was Cheap and vulgar. There is a very fine line between cheap and erotic

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      1. It’s around 155+ at first sight. Yes use a counter.
        We’re bloggers. We portray human emotions as ‘our individual views’. Do we want to promote our perspectives on death, rape, violence to our children? I wouldn’t!

        Thirdly, if bloggers write off the prompt “So what?”
        #FridayFotoFiction Rules should be universal for everyone. Why allow such blogs to feature in the Contest?
        Liebe Frau Aks, Warum denkst ihr seid einer den besten #Schriftstelleren im Welt?
        प्रिय श्री. Aks, ऐसा आपको क्यों प्रतीत होता हैं, की आप दुनिया की सर्वश्रेष्ठ #लेखिका हो?

        Which of my blog post is a cheap thrills for you? Be clear. Have the audacity to comment to my blog.

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      2. I don’t intend to get into a slug fest with you! I clearly see you are inclined to instigate me, won’t work! So good bye. We end this conversation here


      3. Why instigate a theatre actor who plays the role of Juliet? Love & death are same for an such a professional.

        As you read my blogs and critisize them on your blog, I suggest you comment on my blogs. Constructive Critisizm welcome. But no suppression of expression allowed. That’s illegal.

        Good bye!


  2. It felt good to read that both were set free from their hurt and forgiveness took a stand! A dear friend of mine was treated in that way and was left by the guy for his family’s honor…But she found love again and was blessed with a beautiful baby boy…Her life back on track with past left to rot in the past!

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      1. I guess the husband took away the limelight this time. 😉 Nobody seems to be reading my story 😦


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