The wait #FridayFotoFiction

An elaborate meal was ready and the kettle had just been set on the stove- it was time for  her boy to return home.She looked forward to this time of the day when he came running up the stairs, she would open the door before he could ring the bell and envelope him in a bear hug. They chatted about their day over a steaming cup of tea.

Today, he was late, which was unusual.She was getting restless.Maybe he went to visit a friend she thought. She heard footsteps and rushed to open the door.

“Ma’am your son was at the Elphinstone Railway station waiting to board a train, a tragic incident occurred, a stampede which claimed 25 lives,unfortunately your son was one of them.”

The kettle let out a shrill whistle,she poured herself a cup of tea.The last one she would have at the table in memory of her son.

(150 words)

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31 thoughts on “The wait #FridayFotoFiction

  1. So weird. When I saw the picture, first thought that came to me was of ephinstone too. But i thought of a story where the boy walks all the way to the far end of the platform (for some reason I had still to fill in) to take the empty bridge and whilst he is climbing he hears the noises of the stampede on the overcrowded one. Yours is pretty awesome too!

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  2. Akshata! A timely and grave reminder of a post! This incident is simply so sad…the callousness of the administration, government. I wish our officials were more proactive and concerned about us, citizen who vote for them..hoping for ´Acche Din´. It is sad….Keep writing!

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  3. We rarely pause to think of the families of those who perish in tragedies.
    How skillfully you’ve shown us that rarely seen side, Akshata.
    Beautiful writing, as always!
    Thank you for writing for #FridayFotoFiction


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