#SoloTravel- Alone but not lonely

Its day 2 of my first weekend in Switzerland. Although I miss my daughter almost every other minute, I am trying to be rational with myself.. Nothings gonna change for 2 months, so why be miserable. Make the most of this time. Saturday was a tiring and long day, well spent in Breinz – river… Continue reading #SoloTravel- Alone but not lonely

Reincarnation #FridayFictioneers

She woke up with a start.She had seen the same dream again-the remnants of a castle somewhere deep in the woods.She had been seeing this castle since ages and vividly recalled every detail.She twitched her scar just below the chin,a birth symbol which she detested, it ¬†was too prominent and she always caught people staring… Continue reading Reincarnation #FridayFictioneers