Reincarnation #FridayFictioneers

She woke up with a start.She had seen the same dream again-the remnants of a castle somewhere deep in the woods.She had been seeing this castle since ages and vividly recalled every detail.She twitched her scar just below the chin,a birth symbol which she detested, it  was too prominent and she always caught people staring at it.

The next day in history class she gasped.The book had the same castle-The abode of  Warrior Princess Amyra who ruled over a mighty empire and was revered by people.The pieces now fit in place,she touched her scar,this time with a sense of pride.

(100 words)

Linking this with #FridayFictioneers hosted by the amazing Rochelle Wiseoff.

Thanks to Rochelle for hosting Friday Fictioneers every week. Bloggers post their stories here and everyone ends up reading one another, including Rochelle who visits every post written— a fantastic encouragement for all the writers. If you’re interested, click here to read the amazing variety of narratives and storylines, inspired by the photo prompt.

31 thoughts on “Reincarnation #FridayFictioneers

    1. Well it changes her perspective in terms of her scar which she used to detest. The essence is we often look down upon ourselves for not bring perfect seldom realising that some imperfections are meant to be- they are what make us unique. This is something I strongly believe in

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    1. Thx Raj! I wanted to relate it to the little imperfections which we always lament upon like her scar but it’s actually unique and we need to accept and love ourselves as we are


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