An adventure beckons #FictionMondays

It felt like a tight slap on her face, the bruise was one that would stay for long. The enormity of what had just transpired was almost impossible to fathom. As they say, it takes but a moment for life to turn upside down.

Till yesterday, the house was abuzz with excitement, a long to do list, the incessant noise of the doorbell as the delivery boys kept coming with new clothes, travel shoes, snacks and so much more. She had wanted this trip to be perfect. Just the 2 of them, after what felt like a very long time.

How they loved to travel, the weeks they had spent backpacking in the Himalayas, armed with a map, but without a plan as they explored new places and felt closer to nature and each other.

And then they got married and life happened. Work, loans, kids, life’s responsibilities sucked them in.

It was different now, the kids had grown up, the loans had been paid off, it was time to rekindle old passions and their love which felt distant. She had planned this trip on an impulse, a 2 week road trip across the north, stopping at places they had been when they were young, perhaps this would bring back love.

It was 6 am , as she sat in her convertible, loaded with all that was needed for a 2 week trip, favourite music on her phone, her DSLR on her seat, her favourite pair of denims and a crisp white shirt with her hair left loose and her sunglasses hanging on her shirt- it was perfect except for the seat beside that lay vacant.

“Savi, I am no longer that guy. I cant take this trip. Had I know this earlier I would have stopped you. Its not about the workload, its just that I no longer feel like travelling. If I had 2 weeks to myself I would like to use that differently. I am sorry but I cant do it”.

The sound reverberated, a physical slap would have stung her less badly.

Should she wallow in self pity, chuck her plans just cos he did not want to be a part? The last she checked she was as passionately in love with travelling. Solo travel was not really her thing, she kept saying to herself, but maybe it was! She would never know till she tried.

With that, she turned on the ignition as she hummed her favourite song and lips curled into a smile.

This post is written in response to the picture prompt as a part of FictionMondays hosted by Vinitha

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