What do you miss about Work from office the most? #CoronaDiaries

Did the title seem like “wth”, why would we miss office at all? Its been almost 1.5 years of working from home, schooling from home, house parties, socialising from home. Most of us have set up our very own home office with back up of 2,3 devices, wi fi connections , a comfy office chair and desk, even going to the extent of splurging on our home decor, something we did not give much thought to in the past.

After the initial shock of being forcibly thrown into the unknown, we have all learnt to survive, coping mechanism perhaps knowing that we have little control over the situation. Surveys conducted show most people have adapted to the new work way and find they can manage their home commitments and devote some time to their interests and self development . And no one of course is missing those horrible commutes. Why then would we miss office and want to go back?

Not all the 5 days of the week, but most of the people do want to go back a few days as the benefits of working around people cannot be undermined.

I listed the things I miss the most about going to work:

  • Celebrating special occasions and festivals by dressing up and indulging in photo shoots and fun games. Wearing a saree is never as fun as decking up for a Traditional day at work, the atmosphere is euphoric. The ladies room is where the action can be felt the most. Decking up at home never feels the same. The yearly Christmas celebrations are something I miss a lot.
  • Office parties – something we all waited for so eagerly and discussed with animation on what we would wear, going to the extent of buying something new to wear on a few occasions. I remember going all the way to the mall to buy a new cami top before the Annual bash in 2019. And D day carries a different level of excitement. You get to see a different side of people, for once the laughter, dance and banter is not work related and you sometimes emerge knowing someone better and bond with new people.
  • The chai breaks and planned, sometimes impromptu lunches when days are light, or early drinks and dinner with your office friends- this is something I sorely miss
  • Water cooler and wash room gossips. It might seem gross to use both in the same line but I have often found the most juicy gossips take place here. Perhaps the ladies is a better place as its more secretive (if you know what I mean). Away from the prying eyes, as you signal to your buddy “meet me in the ladies ,got something super exciting to share”. Here is where you meet new people, smile and then say a “hi”, “loved your dress, shoes, handbag, earrings” and then “which team do you work for”. Its honestly one of the most underrated places for socialising.
  • This should top the list but I put down the fun things first- the whole atmosphere at the workplace is so much more charged up. Anyone who leads a team, works in teams and thrives when working with others- everyone will most likely tick one box , will relate to this. Having a team meeting in person, training someone sitting right beside them , having a difficult conversation , solving a problem together, brainstorming on something- nothing beats doing it together, sitting side by side.

Some may have a different view and feel there is no need to really work from office, I would be eager to hear if you have a strong view on this that differs from mine. For me as much as much as I love the flexibility, spending more time with my daughter and getting time to focus on self , (as you see from my Instagram posts!) I would love going back a few times a week and hope this doesn’t take another year.

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