Only If #FFFAW #FlashFiction

I look up- pristine white mountains, conifer trees with snow adorning the leaves, the playground looks quite a different sight with a snowy layer.

How I loved winters- the chilly days, hot cups of cocoa, going up the mountains and skiing with Jeeya.

Jeeya and I- our world was complete. My daughter, friend, guide, agony aunt.

Last Christmas we made a grand plan to visit Matterhorn. We took the cable car and were spell bound by nature’s beauty.

Only if I had decided to listen to Jeeya and stay back at home, lazing around that day.

Only if we had taken the bus instead of the cable car.

Only if this was not that 0.1% of the times, an accident happened in one of the most perfectly run cable car systems in the world.

Only if , my daughter did not have to see such a horrific sight which I fear will not be erased from her memory ever.

I hum a song which Jeeya used to love as I look at the cable cars above, ferrying people to the Alps and wonder if I would ever see Jeeya here one day.

Only if I would have lived longer to raise my child.

(200 words)

Linking up with Priceless Joy who hosts a weekly flash fiction challenge. Image credits “Yours Truly”

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