Of loving and losing #TellTaleThursday

This New Year is going to be different. I am going to find someone worthwhile to date, my clock is ticking, I need to hurry up.

What are the chances of conceiving at 37?

This baby fever has hit me suddenly and now I cant stop thinking about having my own. I have been too focussed on my career. That explains why I am the youngest VP in this fiercely competitive male dominated industry. I cant complain. I love what I do and I love the money.

I have been too busy and extra cautious after my heartbreak with John. Never will I let any other man into my heart.

Focus now, I tell myself, as I look around the bar and my eyes freeze. Its John right across with his pretty wife by his side. They are sipping margaritas.

His gaze is rooted towards me, I give an awkward smile. I hope he just turns away and I can move to a new party. But to my horror, he is walking towards me.

Buckle up, show him how happy you are and what he’s missed, I walk towards him and we shake hands.

“How have you been”?, I ask

“Good, am moving to Paris. Have got a new job as the Marketing Head of Acuqia. The kids are in boarding school, trying to find out what works best for the family. Just bought a new Merc. How about you?”

“Awesome, as always. Enjoying my single life, dating a pop star now. I just split with Mike, he was getting too possessive. Travelling to Europe next week on a trip with my girlfriends, life couldn’t be better”.

With that we part ways, each wishing that the other’s life was a misery, making up stories of a wonderful life which is not true.

John hides the divorce papers in his bag and I hide my ticking biological clock in my mind as I plaster a smile and bar hop to find a new man.

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15 thoughts on “Of loving and losing #TellTaleThursday

  1. Story of life. Trying to prove to others how good is my empty life. At least she has her career. Having a child at 37 is not a big deal in this day and age. You portrayed a real life situation. Nice.

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