The Proposal #FFFAW #FlashFiction

Maya looked around in awe- she was wonderstruck by the natural beauty. Birds chirped in the distance and the water glistened as the sun shone brightly. While she would have loved to sing her favourite Bollywood romantic song in such a wonderful setting, there was something that made her uneasy.

It was Rahul, her childhood friend who had taken her on this surprise boat ride. He dint appear his usual self. He was trying hard to smile but she could feel he was tensed.

It struck her then “I hope this idiot is not going to propose me.” She loved him as a friend but had no intention of taking the relationship any further. “Gosh this is going to be so weird. I cant even run away. Is this why he choose this particular venue? Not cool at all”.

She tried talking about other things to distract him but he held her hand all of a sudden.”Maya you are my best friend and I cant hide this any longer. I need to confess. I am in love with… your younger brother”

A sense of relief flooded Maya. Well she could still have her best friend and as she had promised her brother, she found the most suitable match for him too. This was indeed a fantastic trip.

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