My Wish #TellTaleThursday

Fairy Lights shone on the porch and a beautiful rangoli adorned the front door. The aroma of karanji and chaklis wafted through the air. The lamps shone bright but Suhas and Saroja’s world was dark as usual. Today was like any other day for them. The decked up house and the lights did little to cheer them up.

Their only son Sharad had gone abroad 10 years ago and life had changed drastically. Each year they waited eagerly for him to come home but work or some other commitment came in the way. Suhas was no fool, he understood these were flimsy excuses but he did not want to dishearten his wife.

As the couple sat on the porch, a forlorn look in their eyes, they caught sight of little Sudha lurking in a corner. Sudha was barely 10 and lived in the slums nearby, she helped her mother who worked as a maid.

She had worn the usual hand me down clothes, there was a tinge of sadness in her eyes,  she longed to enjoy the festival like other kids.

Saroja had an idea suddenly. She called the little girl inside and whispered something in her ears.

Sudha ran out excited and in ten minutes she was back with other kids from the slum.

Sharad rushed to the shop and purchased crackers for the kids and Saroja was busy serving them delicacies.

Loud laughter could be heard from the Dikshit’s house and it shone the brightest that day. Saroja longed to celebrate with her child, her wish had been fulfilled in a unexpected way today, Suhas and she found a new purpose in life.

Linking up with Priya and Anshu who host a weekly photo fiction for bloggers.

19 thoughts on “My Wish #TellTaleThursday

  1. What a heart warming story that was ! Good for the couple who found happiness by celebrating with other kids ! My own aunt whose kids live abroad , celebrates Diwali any time the kids come home ! With lights and Karanjis and chaklis.

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