The Good Wife- Here is why this series is a must watch #MyFriendAlexa

There was a time when I loved watching TV but slowly the interest faded out. In the spare time I have, I prefer writing or reading blogs. With the birth of my daughter, “me time” became scarce and I wanted to optimise the limited time I have by making the experience worthwhile.

I deliberately stayed away from Netflix and Prime as I wanted to avoid distractions. I was in Switzerland for 3 months on a business trip and I had plenty of time. Once I got back from work by around 7, I could read, write, listen to music and still have time. Thats when I subscribed to Prime and came across this series “The Good Wife” starring Julianna Marguilies in the lead role as Alicia Florrick- a betrayed wife whose life turns topsy turvy when her husband is arrested on charges of bribery and a sex scandal and she has to stand up for herself and her kids and take charge. A brilliant lawyer who took a career break of more than a decade, she has to restart her career to manage her home.

Juggling between her newly started career as an associate at a reputed law firm and her kids and imprisoned husband who is awaiting trial, life is far from easy for Alicia but she takes it all in her stride. A law drama which has some very intense courtroom scenes, it is faced paced. The interesting lives of its central characters is what adds to the entertainment quotient.

Like most of the series, this one has a strong plot and some unexpected twists and turns which kept me hooked on.  The Top 5 reasons that  made this show stand apart and endear to me are:

  • Goes without saying, that a storyline with a strong female lead is one that appeals to me a lot. I liked how Alicia resumed working and went through the initial hiccups like the first court case where she fumbled and had to look through her papers. Her first victory, that smile on her face and twinkling eyes. She had her period of struggles, frustrations and those days when all she wanted was to drink wine and cry but the sun rises and we get up and get moving again. Alicia slayed it like none other.
  • Alicia busted the myth that a woman , especially the central character cannot be mean. A demure, faithful housewife who is betrayed by her husband – its this betrayal in fact which changes her life for the better. She rediscovers herself. From having a steady relationship with her once college friend and now boss Will Gardner to deciding to start her own firm secretly by stealing clients from the law firm that employed her after such a long career break, she has no regrets. I am tired of the preachy good girl stories , there is a thin line between good and bad and thats often blurred. Its fantastic to see how Alicia takes tough and bold decisions by placing herself first.
  • josh-charles-good-wife-finale
  • She is a flawed human being just like all of us. Seeing her reach the top echelons of success where she wins the election for State Attorney and then all of a sudden is plunged into darkness when she is forced to resign on charges of election manipulation- the story takes dramatic turns. The most endearing part is how she emerges from this mess, scarred but stronger. She is hesitant at first and tries hiding at home when her sex life is barred open for all to see by the tabloids and her humiliating election scandal makes life hell. But slowly she emerges out of her shell and restarts her career as a small time lawyer. Life can hand you a a raw deal, you have to keep moving.
  • Apart from Alicia, there are other strong female characters like Diane, Kalinda who make this series exciting. Women who know what they want and do not shy away from taking the head seat at the table. Women who fall in love, are betrayed, make mistakes, have one night stands , seek love and fight their way up.
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  • Alicia’s relationships are what forms the highlight of this series. Stuck between the thoughts of divorce or giving their marriage another chance, Alicia goes through some tumultuous times. Her steamy affair with Will and the much deeper bond they share is what is the highlight of this series. She has a one night stand with her campaign manager and a serious relationship with her investigator – its difficult to know whats going on in her mind. A part of her is scarred but she dares to love. She is not ashamed of her sexual desires and demands what she wants. Its heartening to see the relationships collapse and as you see her looking into emptiness sipping her wine in her kitchen you can’t help but feel like giving her a bear hug. But isn’t that what life is all about? When you think you have it all figured out, boom, it lands you a blow you least expected.


I haven’t mentioned anything about the men in the show – they are as hot and loveable as the women though sometimes you feel like punching them in the face. I must warn you the show is addictive though. But if you are looking for a good law series with some nail biting courtroom drama and the frenzy of elections and all that goes into it plus some drama this show is perfect.

I loved curling up in my bed on a cold winter night with my glass of red wine and chips as it snowed outside and watching some drama unfold. My idea of a perfect evening which every mommy should have once in a while.

You can catch all the seasons of “The Good Wife” on Amazon Prime.

I am taking my blog to the next level with #MyFriendAlexa in association with Blohgchatter.

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7 thoughts on “The Good Wife- Here is why this series is a must watch #MyFriendAlexa

  1. I am so glad that I had read your blog post today. actually, since last few days, I am searching for a good tv series on Amazon to follow. your post has given me that name. looking like an interesting show. will watch it. #surbhireads

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  2. I love this series. I started watching it in 2010 or something. the first season is incredibly good. i started watching it because it had Mr. Big from sex and the city but of course Alicia stole the show. loved her character development through the show as well as Dianne’s. Glad you enjoyed it too. I was sad when Kalinda left.

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