Tic Tac Toe #FFFAW

The whole family was gathered around Nana. A stony silence prevailed. Their eyes were moist. Muffled sobs could be heard.

Nana looked around bewildered. He blinked his eyes as his gaze shifted from one face to another. His wife, sons, daughters, cousins, niece, grandkids, friends he couldn’t remember anyone.

The degenerative disease had taken a toll on him.

The youngest grandchild Angel marched ahead confidently with 2 pens and a paper.

“Lets play tic tac toe Nanu”, she yelled in her animated voice.

Her mother tried to pull her away but something stopped her.

Nana’s eyes glowed as he excitedly grabbed the piece of paper.

“Nanu wins or Angel wins, we will see who takes the pie” he crooned in his sing song voice.

The room lit up all of a sudden as tears of joy welled up in everyone’s eyes. They thought they had lost him forever. But here he was, the same old Nanu. For a day, a few hours or a few minutes, they did not know how long but they knew they wanted to make the most of it. They gathered around the table to see who wins the game.

Linking up with Priceless Joy who hosts Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers. Thanks Yarnspinner for the photo prompt.

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