My little secret #BarAThon

Have you seen that “made for each other” couple? The one at the coffee shop, the mall or a party- where they complement each other perfectly. Rohan and I are that kind of couple.

We met during my summer internship and it was love at first sight. The world suddenly seemed so beautiful.

Its been 5 years now and the novelty has started fading out. The raging hormones have calmed down. More than the physical intimacy, whats missing is the connect. Rohan and I want different things from life. He does try his best to listen to my dreams, appreciate my paintings but fails miserably. He somehow just doesn’t seem to understand art and art is my life. At times I wonder how did I fall for him in the first place? He is a good looking, charming, humorous, good in bed and a responsible guy… its just that he doesn’t get my passion.

I was brooding about our relationship that night to Raju.. I had gulped down 2 tequilas and my head was spinning. I held onto my childhood friend and howled.

Raju held my by my waist gently and soothed me. And then the unthinkable happened. We kissed. It did feel weird for a second. We had gone to school together and we  were close pals for almost 15 years now. Raju was the one person who encouraged me to take up my hobby seriously, motivated me and cheered for through evert step of my journey.

But we never thought of each other in any other way. But now we had just kissed.

And it felt so good. I wanted more. I leaned in for another kiss.

“Lets go to my place” was that really me whispering? Rohan was out of town on business.

We made out on the same bed I have been sharing with Rohan for years now.

It was a whole new experience and it felt divine. As we lay in bed after our second lovemaking session that night, I discovered something new about myself. It was a revelation but it did not scare or disgust me. It made me feel good because I was happy. Truly happy after a very very long time.

My life had found a new meaning. I had a boyfriend who was a nice guy, who took care of me, made good money, was the perfect guy you get hitched with . And I had my best friend who shared the same passion as me- art. We had taken our relationship to a new level and that only cemented the bond. They say- three’s a crowd. But for me- three is just perfect.

My phone rings. Raju looks at the name flashing on the screen “Rohan” and I sense a skipped beat.

“I am telling him all about us” I look with a solemn expression.

Without giving a chance to react, I pick up the receiver and answer in a composed manner. “Hey honey hows it going. I am just back from Rashi’s party. Had some extra tequila.” I paused for a second “Raju is with me, right now in bed.”

There is silence on the line for a minute.

Rohan lets out a sigh of relief. “Thank God Rajni is around, I know your childhood pal will take good care of you. Give her my regards”

I hang up as Rajni hits me with a pillow. “You almost gave me a heart attack”, she yells.

“Relax Raju, I just discovered I am bisexual. Lets celebrate.”

I am participating in the Bar-a-thon Edition 3 and the prompt for today is “Three is a crowd”



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20 thoughts on “My little secret #BarAThon

  1. Ufffff your twists are just stupfying Aks; once again I ask you how on earth do you come up with these? Excellent one – looking forward to the next one!


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