Here is how an online session helped me be better prepared as a would be mom

I always look fondly at those days when I was expecting my baby. A significant life changing event which made me question myself, “Am I well equipped to deal with this big change in my life? Do I know everything about taking care of my diet, feeding the right nutrients to my baby and getting it right when it comes to baby food?”

Seems I was clueless as I did not have anyone else in the family with a small baby. That’s when I turned to the saviour most parents turn to these days “Internet” and I came across this wonderful concept of Feed IQ. I never knew a mother feeds IQ to her baby through various sources and what a significant role this plays in infant cognitive development.

I was eager to read more on this topic and came across an online session which I participated in. It was extremely beneficial and here is a summary of what I learnt which equipped me to be well informed as a new mum.

  1. A combination of natural Vitamin E and DHA play a vital role in baby brain development. Building immunity, visual acuity and enhancing infant cognition, there are numerous benefits of these nutrients. Food that are rich in Natural Vitamin E and which an expectant and lactating mother should include in her diet are seafood like shrimp, and trout, almonds, peanuts, vegetable oil, and greens like spinach and broccoli.  

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2. The baby’s brain development takes place in the first 3 years of his/her life and this period is crucial. Poor nutrition may hamper brain development. Breast milk is the best source of nutrition as a mother feeds her baby all the requisite nutrients through her milk.

3. Vitamins are one of the most important components that are essential for baby brain development. Vitamin A, C and E are the most important ones and their deficiency may hamper infant cognition and motor skills of the baby.

4.Eating for 2 because you are pregnant is such a myth. More than the quantity, the healthy quotient of food matters.  I had put on 10 kgs of weight during my pregnancy and in the 3rd trimester as advised by my gynec I increased my intake of calories by drinking an extra glass of milk and increasing my portion of food slightly like an extra slice of bread or one more idli. 

5. In addition to taking the right nutrients through our diet, an expectant mom also needs some supplements like minerals and vitamins as not all the requirements can be met food alone. The calcium and folic acid tablets that I had to consume were much easier now that I knew why I had to take them.


6. As a die hard fan of sea food, imagine my joy when I discovered that eating fish , chicken and eggs helps in production of red blood cells and proper functioning of the nervous system. 

This online session helped bust many of my myths about pregnancy and infant cognition, made me feel more confident as an expectant mom and I knew that when it comes to baby food, infant cognition , and baby brain development,  these were no longer mere words for me but I knew what I had to do to give the best to my baby.,

What do you think of feeding IQ to your baby? How have you been ensuring your baby gets the best nutrition

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5 thoughts on “Here is how an online session helped me be better prepared as a would be mom

  1. This is so essential for new moms especially since many of us are now living in a nuclear setup. And, why miss the change to give your baby a headstart when it comes to his or her brain development. An informative summary of your findings!

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  2. FeedIQ is important as moms need to understand what works for them and the kids. Online sessions are helpful and sometimes we learn a lot about kids and their development through them. It is a helpful post for new moms.

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  3. DHA and Vitamin E is crucial for baby brain development, it is all the more essential now than ever due to the time crunch and working dynamics.
    Providing healthy and nutritious food is pivotal and I learned a lot about FeedIQ during such online research session.

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  4. I had similar doubts in my mind when I was expecting my baby. You are lucky that you chose to attend such an informative session online, most of the pregnant ladies are not aware of the right nutrition choices. Most of the times they don’t know what to eat to get the right nutrients for the baby’s proper growth and development. This post will be really helpful for all the expecting as well as new mothers.

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