The Proposal #SundayPhoto Fiction

Henry cleared his throat, he had to be careful not to drop his prized catch- the silver fish which he had caught after a very long time.

“Should I take your silence as a yes”

Maya looked at him as if he was crazy “Which moron told you my silence means yes? I am still thinking. Do I need a boyfriend? I am happy being single. Its liberating.”

This was going nowhere. Who said proposing was easy these days?  He had to think of something to entice her.

Reluctantly, he bowed forward, offering her the silver fish. “This is my gift, hope you like it.”

In one swift move, she swallowed it and let out a guffaw. “Now that was sweet Henry. I must confess, I have taken a vow of celibacy and I am liking the peace. We can be friends though. See you later”

Henry watched her open mouthed. “Am I destined to be single forever?”

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