X Mas- the season which was not jolly. #AtoZChallenge #BlogchatterA2Z

X mas is something I look forward to each year with gusto. Though I am not a Christian, having studied in a convent school and lived in a cosmopolitan culture, I love the spirit of Christmas. In fact it was my favourite festival , it beat Diwali by a small  margin. I loved the homemade cakes and cookies, the excitement of putting up a Christmas tree, unwrapping presents as a kid and wrapping them up for Nysa when I became a parent.

This time was extra special with the new addition to the family. I had bought a cute Santa outfit for the baby and had decked up the Christmas tree with fairy lights. I could never have imagined this Christmas would turn out to be a nightmare.

Its the day Suraj breathed his last. He went away, just like that.

We chatted like any other day and went to bed. Little did I know every thing I was doing with him, for him this Christmas Eve would be the last one. The evening walk, the debate over positive affirmation, watching another episode of “The Good Wife”, having our meal together, he doing the dishes while I tidied up the kitchen and that laughter for no reason. It was the last one. Had I done things differently if I knew this was coming?

The first 2 days I was in a trance. I just couldn’t believe that he was no more, He died peacefully in his sleep, a cardiac arrest is what we were told. Arjun and Nysa took charge and my parents were by my side. Isn’t 62 too young to get an attack, that too for a healthy person who watches his weight, exercises and eats moderately? Our twilight years had just begun, we looked forward to this new phase where our responsibilities as parents had lessened to a great extent. Our commitment towards our jobs would end soon. We had decided to travel the world, do things we like, in fact we had just enrolled ourselves for couple swimming classes. And it all came crashing down.

The financial matters has been taken care of by Suraj – a will had been drafted by both of us to help our dear ones find clarity amid the turmoil of losing a dear one.

Life is so fragile I thought. Till now I had been reading, watching on TV about death and attending funerals of other people- it alway happened to others. Not us. We are safe and secure we think. But we are not immortal. I look at the our wedding pictures, the honeymoon, the maternity shoot and Nysa’s birth, one after other. We had our ugly moments but the happy ones outshone those. We respected each other and above all were best friends. I knew he would never want to see me in this state. I had to get up, smile again and face the new day with optimism. I got up as I had to honour the pact that we had made- to stay happy, even if the other one was not along.

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“A slice of life through Myra’s eyes” – a fictional tale of growing up and learning some vital lessons about self love, feminism, sisterhood, a working woman and the essence of being a woman in urban India.   

46 thoughts on “X Mas- the season which was not jolly. #AtoZChallenge #BlogchatterA2Z

  1. this brought me tears aks. i cant think or imagine a dear one passing away. towards the end, u are making me getting more attached to the story. a slice of life- very apt.

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      1. nearing the 40s, although i am not scared to die, i really dread the moments when i think negative. i cant bear to see K or A suffering from anything. these guys will go helpless without us, as a wife and as a mom. this post is really touching aks.

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  2. Although we all know the eventual end of life, seeing it happen to someone in our own lives is always difficult to deal with. I struggle with the idea of losing loved ones.

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  3. In my personal opinion losing your life partner, one who has been true to the role, is the most devastating thing that could happen, because until then no matter what goes wrong, you have them by your side and face it together. My sincere condolences Myra and I applaud you for trying to find happiness again because there is absolutely no doubt that that is what Suraj would have wanted.

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  4. I am sad for Myra! People in their midlife look forward to getting retired so that they can travel the world and do all the things they could not do when their kids were growing up and were demanding. As you said twilight years is when a couple comes closer again. This was robbed from Myra, but am happy to know that she is determined to be happy no matter what!

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    1. Don’t mean it to sound as an alarm Sunita but life is indeed fragile. I was thinking if my grandfather who passed away 4 years ago in his sleep. My grandparents were married for 57 years


  5. Beautifully written Aks. I had tears in my eyes. You have written this post with so much love and tenderness that my heart ached. I am feeling sad that in two days this story will end. I will miss reading them.

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  6. I am sad. One for knowing that Myra had a long road ahead and second for the reason that it was Xmas eve 😦
    Happy for Suraj that he had seen the best of the life and had finished all his duties so well.
    Shared memories for the company now for Myra. I am sure she will live every moment hence forth, twice. Once for herself and once for Suraj!

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