The Wedding House #FridayFotoFiction

Appa and Amma were really excited, the house had been all decked up for Minu’s wedding. They had even arranged for the most expesnive bougainville flowers to deck up the entrance.

It was a house which would witness a wedding after 27 long years.

The next morning instead of chitter chatter and laughter, a stony silence prevailed. The wedding had been called off as the groom’s greedy family demanded a foreign trip for the couple at the last moment and Minu was the one who staunchly refused and called off the marriage.

Appa and Amma sat forlorn, looking at the decorated house and untouched food and savouries.

Minu was missing since morning.

Suddenly they heard footsteps and saw around 10 pairs of curious eyes peep in. Girls aged 10-15 in ragged dresses and unkempt hair with shy smiles were walking in followed by Minu.

“Appa Amma I called them to join the feast. I thought we should celebrate this new beginning together, here’s hoping more young women can fearlessly say- No ”

Linking up with Mayuri and Tina for #FridayFotoFiction

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