More than soulmates #FFFAW #FlashFiction

Ryan and Reena were back after 10 years- they had decided to meet at the beach. The beach which has witnessed their friendship blossom over the years. The same beach where they had carved a crude heart on a rock and it had stood the rough weather over the years. Just like their friendship which saw storms and volcanoes but it only made them hold their hands tighter and snuggle closer.

People often thought they were a couple, how can a girl and boy have a platonic relationship, they joked. In fact this friendship has cost Reena a lot.

But Reena and Ryan knew the purity of their bond and why it mattered. When Ryan came out with his sexual orientation, it was Reena who stood by him and Ryan never let go of her hand when she faced the turmoil of a nasty divorce.

The carved heart was special- it reaffirmed their faith in a bond which was not of a soul mate but of a true friend for life.

(170 words)

Linking up the amazing Priceless Joy who hosts a weekly flash fiction challenge for aspiring writers based on a photo prompt. Thanks Yinglan for the photo.

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