A holiday with a difference #SundayPhotoFiction

Sam and Phil were back in mountains. Winter time meant skiing, snow boarding , endless cups of hot cocoa and bonding time as a family.

Right from the time Sam was a baby, his parents Phil and Fiona made it a point to take him to the mountains every year during winters.

This year it was just the boys. Fiona had left them, life was cruel sometimes.

They were struggling to grapple with this massive blow when Phil decided they should go upto the mountains, earlier this year for some peace.

They did all the things which the 3 of them did as a family and Sam’s eyes were moist. “Its the cold which makes my eyes water Dad, I am not crying” he said defiantly wiping his tears.

“Sonny boy, you have me and I have you. Life is not awesome but we will get there together, tomorrow will be better.”

Hand in hand they trudged along the snowy path, father and son, their eyes moist and a smile on their lips.


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