Finding light in darkness #FridayFictioneers

I looked out of the window- the tree which was blooming a few days ago was now barren-the flowers had fallen,leaves had withered away, it stood forlorn,naked.

It had snowed last night and ice that wrapped itself on the branches made the tree look looked  surreal.The barren tree looked magnificent today- all alone, without its usual sheen but beautiful.

It withstood storms,rain and snow,the beauty it was known for had faded away but the tree turned adversity into something so sublime that I was in awe.A lesson in perseverance and finding strength in darkness is what I learnt that day.

(100 words)

Linking up with Rochelle Wisoff for FridayFictioneers, a 100 word fiction based on a photo prompt.

24 thoughts on “Finding light in darkness #FridayFictioneers

  1. There are few things more awesome than frozen fog. The fog covers everything in a thick mist and then it gets cold enough for it to freeze. The whole world is covered in a layer of majestic ice. Of course, it’s only truly beautiful if you get to say inside your nice, warm house.

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  2. I guess we so easily tend to forget that we are an integral part of nature, not some ‘supreme beings’, and so, nature has a solution to all our problems, as long as we are willing to open our eyes, our minds, and our hearts. Lovely story.

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